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Women’s Self Defense

The Griffin Women: Aspen, Andraé, Alora, Alexa, Arwyn, Ansli, Annie and Armie!

Women’s Self Defense Class EVERY Tuesday and Thursday at 10am with Coach Aspen! Come try a free week of women’s self defense.

Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy is the premier location in Utah for Women Empowerment and Self Defense! Not only are women and young women welcome on our regular GRACIE JIU JITSU classes held weekly, we also host Women’s Empowerment and Self Defense courses at Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy. 252 North State St. Orem. Contact us NOW to book your course for your family, company or group!

These courses focus the key aspects EVERY woman and young woman NEEDS to know. These key aspects include, situational awareness, eye contact, trusting your gut, setting boundaries AND enforcing those boundaries. The self defense techniques taught are based on leverage and are easy to do yet EFFECTIVE against a larger and stronger attacker!

We offer a free 1-hour Self Defense intro class for young women and women church and community groups. Contact us now to book your lesson!