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Firearms Safety & Education

Firearms Safety and Education is a critical skill everyone should have. Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy hosts many training events through the tactical training arm, Griffin Tactical. These courses include:

Firearms Safety & Education Level 1 – teaching the student about firearms, their parts, types of firearms, how to safely handle them, safety rules, safe loading and unloading of firearms, the safe and proper way to hold and shoot firearms and more.

Firearms Education Level 2- now out at a range, the proper way to find a place to shoot firearms safely, proper loading and unloading of live ammunition, proper mechanics of walking with firearms, basics of gripping the firearm, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, acquiring the target, and more.

Home Defense – this course focuses on a more active use of the firearm including close quarter firing, conceal and cover and searching your home with a firearm. This will also introduce grappling with a firearm.

Self Defense when Carrying a Firearm- *pictured above* This course focuses on the basics of self defense when carrying a firearm, how to create distance, how to grapple when you are carrying a firearm so it doesn’t get used against you and what to do when you have to discharge your firearm in self defense.