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Firearms Safety, Situational Awareness, Homeschool Jiu Jitsu and more!!

Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy – A great place to learn and be empowered!

Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy is much more than just a Jiu Jitsu school! Recognizing that self-defense classes are only a part of an empowered life, Ray, Andraé, Aspen, and the rest of the Griffin family host many other classes and courses to serve as many people as possible.

Women Empowerment and Self Defense featuring the Griffin Women!
Youth Jiu Jitsu Classes
Homeschool Jiu Jitsu Classes


Our courses offer families, groups, and the general public the opportunity to learn skills and practice real-world methods on the path to self-empowerment!


Skills, techniques, role-playing, and more are all part of the education process in our women’s courses, homeschool jiu jitsu class, and firearms safety & education classes.


Do you know what to do when you are in a store and something doesn’t feel right? How can you stand up to bullies? What do you do if you come upon a firearm laying in the grass or in someone’s home? Our courses prepare you and empower you with skills and awareness!


Get an introductory lesson for free!

This was the best women’s self-defense course I have ever attended. I was worried that it would be like the others in the past that were difficult to follow and implement BUT Ray and his daughters were amazing! The techniques were simple to follow, easy to do, made sense, and I feel like I can actually use them and I now feel safer!

-Shelly M.


Come visit us!

Open most days at 7am and from 4pm-9pm

Come try an introductory class for free. We know you will love the layout, environment and welcoming atmosphere as much as we do!

Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy
252 N State St. Orem, UT 84057