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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Utah
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Utah

A Family-Friendly, Gracie Jiu Jitsu School.

Welcome to Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy

Griffin Jiu Jitsu Academy is the premier school for self-defense in Utah County. You can learn Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu, women’s self-defense, tactical defense, and specialized defensive tactics for law enforcement.

Why Train Here?

Boost your Confidence

GRACIE JIU JITSU is a street-ready martial art that prepares you to face life head-on!

Sharpen your Mind

GRACIE JIU JITSU teaches students to seek efficient ways to solve problems and how leverage can overcome size and strength.

Learn Self Defense

GRACIE JIU JITSU is the most effective martial art in the world. It allows a smaller person to effectively defend themselves against a larger, stronger attacker through leverage and technique.

Available Classes

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Youth Brazilian Jiu JItsu


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Come Visit Us!

We are located on State Street in the heart of Orem, UT right next to Red Wing Shoes. We have morning, evening, and Saturday classes.

252 North State St, Orem